Alexis Hunter

Kunstverein Amsterdam

"Fetishism and a hint of S&M lurk just beneath the surfaces of Alexis Hunter’s photographs… Her rage at capitalism is focused upon the mass media which have, as Judith Williamson puts it, been ‘selling us ourselves’ for profit."
Lucy Lippard


An Emergency Exit Sealed Shut: Lou Hubbard and Alexis Hunter at Kunstverein Amsterdam, showcases Hunter's ‘narrative photo sequences’ made between 1974 and 1978, produced in Hunter’s quintessentially serial fashion.


The works forensically detail her manhandling of artifacts of patriarchal oppression. In each individual series, she serves up the objects and their accompanying contexts on a photographic platter, storyboarding her fornication with mechanical instruments, bulging crotches and domesticity as a way to subvert the dominant narrative of the male gaze, instead writing her own path to independence and sexual expression. 


Exhibition runs 22 April - 3 June 2023.


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April 25, 2023