BRAFA Art Fair: Textile Pioneers

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Victoria Woodcock wrote about Richard Saltoun Gallery's BRAFA stand featuring most renowned Post-war female textile artists for the Financial Times.




[Barbara] Levittoux-Swiderska’s work is being highlighted by Richard Saltoun gallery in Textile Pioneers, a booth at the Brafa art fair (January 28-February 4) in Brussels, dedicated to the women artists who made bold statements with traditional tapestry techniques in the 1960s and 1970s. “They are finally getting some well-deserved visibility,” says the show’s curator Sonja Teszler. 

Two of Richard Saltoun’s featured artists are now in their nineties and still working: Bologna-based Greta Schödl — whose “signature vocabulary of repetitive letters and symbols,” says Teszler, will feature in the upcoming Venice Biennale — and Colombian artist Olga de Amaral. The latter’s work can be densely woven — the wall hanging on show at Brafa is a brawny, flame-coloured interlacing of wool and horsehair — or delicate and diaphanous, hanging in strands from the ceiling or coated in gold leaf.





Artists included are Magdalena ABAKANOWICZ, Eileen AGAR, Jagoda BUIĆ, Olga DE AMARAL, Carmen DIONYSE, Valentine HUGO, Luba KREJCI, Barbara LEVITTOUX-ŚWIDERSKA, Meret OPPENHEIM, Ewa PACHUKA and Greta SCHÖDL.


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January 31, 2024