A Feminist Avant-Garde

Rencontres d'Arles
The international festival of photography, Rencontres d'Arles presents the exhibition A Feminist Avant-Garde, with a selection of over 200 photographs and performances from the 1970s. Annegret Soltau's Permanent Demonstration (1976) is on display, alongside  works by Eleanor AntinRenate BertlmannLili DujourieAlexis Hunter and Penny Slinger

The exhibition title refers to “an” Avant-Garde, one containing a multitude of feminist movements, diverse in age, nationality, and culture. The exhibition is divided into five themes: women’s reduction to “wife, mother, and housewife”; their resulting feeling of “being locked-up”; the questioning of “dictates of beauty and representations of female bodies”; explorations of “female sexuality”; and debates around “female roles and identities.”

The exhibition will be on view until 25 September 

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July 20, 2022