Arte Fiera: Booth A7

13 - 15 May 2022 

For Arte Fiera 2022, Richard Saltoun Gallery presents the work of the late Franca MARANÒ. 


Born in 1920 in Southern Italy, Maranò was a pioneer of the feminist avant-garde in Puglia. A contemporary of Luigi Ontani, Tomaso Binga and Maria Lai, Maranò left behind a unique body of work including ceramics, paintings, and textiles.


Unconventional, and always experimenting with new techniques and languages, Maranò’s artistic practice is entwined to the 20 year activity of the Centrosei Gallery, Bari. Founded in 1970 by six artists including Maranò, the gallery played a key role in supporting avant-garde trends in southern Italy.


Also on view will be works by Eliseo Mattiacci, Marinella Senatore, Marinella Pirelli, BRACHA, Bice Lazzari, Greta Schödl, Silvia Giambrone, and Carol Rama