Aimee GILMORE b. 1970

Working across sculpture, printmaking and installation, the practice of the American artist Aimee GILMORE explores the ambivalent and transient nature of motherhood. Reminiscent of Mary Kelly’s renowned Post-Partum Document (1976), Gilmore is interested in the intimate and material traces of the mother/child relationship: from breast milk to baby clothes. In Gilmore’s Milkscapes (Column) (2016), the concept of female fetishism appears in the abstract forms that breast milk takes when suspended in other liquid media or spilled onto different surfaces. Using the secretions of the female breast, the work simultaneously conjures up the female mother’s everyday domestic function and colour-field painting and post-painterly abstraction.

Gilmore has exhibited her work at the Arlington Arts Center, Virginia (2018); the MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA (2018); and most recently she was the ‘Feminist in residence’ at the Project for Empty Space in Newark, NJ in 2019.