The American artist Robyn LEROY-EVANS uses photography, installation and performance to explore the physical sensuality of fabric and textiles. In Because I Love You (A Growing Dance) (2017), Robyn LeRoy-Evans draws parallels between the draped folds of fabric and the folded layers of flesh of the pregnant and post-partum body. Drawing on the cultural, historical and metaphorical significance of textiles as material to both hide and reveal, LeRoy-Evans explores here the dichotomy at play during the experience of motherhood. Twisting, turning, bending and shaping the fabric, she replicates in the 3-dimensional form the movements which a mother makes while caring for her child.

Robyn LeRoy-Evans has exhibited her work in public venues including Tate Liverpool, UK (2017), the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, LA (2017), The Bowes Museum, Bernard Castle, UK (2014); and the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield, UK (2014), amongst others.