Gaia Fugazza Italian, b. 1985

Gaia FUGAZZA’s practice includes paintings and performance, exploring the troubled relationship of humans and the natural environment, plant knowledge, reproduction and transcendental practices. The woman, for example, who often appears as a protagonist in her paintings, represents a “primal” mother as well as a contemporary subject with a multiple division of roles. Formally her works are reminiscent of cave paintings, yet the hybrid characters interact with a natural and technological world. The materials that Fugazza uses for her haptic appealing work, in turn again convey ideas of originality and closeness to nature: they are carved, burned, waxed or painted with self-made mineral paints.


Recent solo and duo exhibitions of Fugazza’s work have been held at Häusler Contemporary, Zurich; Galleria Più, Bologna. Recent performances include Transcendence, Royal Academy of Arts, London; Super Nature in two Parts, Lisson Gallery, London; Baltic Triennial 13, South London Gallery, London; Star Messenger, LUX, London; Water from the Waist Down, Kunsthall Oslo. Her work has been featured in several Biennales and institutional shows such as the 13 Baltic Triennial; Glasstress, Venice; Mediterranea, Milan; The London Open, Whitechapel Gallery; Hrm 199 Ltd, Tinguely Museum, Basel.