Nicholas POPE (b. 1949)

Whether Nicholas Pope is working in wood, metal, stone, sheet lead or chalk, his quality as an artist is to bring out the inherent physical qualities of whichever material he is shaping or carving.


The recipient of many rewards and international recognition, his career was cut short in 1985 with the diagnosis of a debilitating illness during a visit to the Makonda tribe to study wood carving, and which led to the abandonment of work and a 10 year struggle to recover his health. Pope regained his abilities and his important post-recovery sculpture installation, The Apostles Speaking in Tongues, was shown to much accolade by the Tate in its 'Art Now' programme in 1996.


Nicholas Pope represented Britain at the Venice Biennale 1980 and his work can be found in the permanent collection of the Tate, and The Stedlijk amongst others.


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