Phyllida BARLOW (b. 1944)

British artist Phyllida Barlow's fascination with the urban environment has led her to experiment with a wide variety of everyday mass-produced materials such as tape, cardboard, plastic and paint. A student of George Fullard during the 1960s, her experiments with industrial materials are a result of his emphasis on sculpting with non-traditional material rather than stone or clay.


Barlow explores the relationship between object and viewing space with her large-scale sculptural installations that belie the often-fragile nature of their construction, shaped as they are into new configurations.


A professor of Fine Art at the Slade College of Art, London, until 2008, Barlow has taught various art-world luminaries such as Rachel Whiteread and Douglas Gordon and she is now achieving the same level of recognition endowed upon her students, with recent exhibitions at BAWAG Contemporary, Vienna, Austria (2010), and the New Museum, NYC, USA (2012).