Franz-Erhard Walther's artistic experiments with material, in particular with fabric, led to a complete re-evaluation of the "precious" quality applied to the canvas during the 1960s. Walther encouraged his audience to interact and play with amorphous pieces of fabric, creating new participatory works of art by doing so.


Walther has constantly changed the materials he works with to create art. His significant contribution to the history of post war art is to makes the audience part of his work; in fact without their interaction, the work does not exist.



Franz Erhard Walther belongs to a German post-war tradition alongside an artist like Joseph Beuys. He has had retrospectives in Mamco, Musée d'art modern et contemporain, Geneva (2010) and Dia:Beacon, New York (2010-12). Walther lives in Fulda, where the Franz Erhard Walther Foundation is based.